OpenLocker Podcast Episode 4: Gaby Cornier’s Journey to UF Volleyball & Gataverse

  • 1 min read

Join us in this episode of The OpenLocker Podcast as we dive into the exciting new partnership between Gataverse and The University of Florida Volleyball Program. We sit down with Freshman L/DS Gaby Cornier, who offers a glimpse into the future of this promising collaboration and her personal journey within UF athletics.

In this exclusive interview, Gaby Cornier candidly shares her inspiring athletic journey, which began in her hometown of Santurce, Puerto Rico, and took a transformational turn when she relocated to Georgia to pursue her volleyball dreams. Together, we navigate the obstacles she encountered, the sacrifices her family made, and the inspiring figures who fueled her determination to be great.


Gaby’s story stands as a powerful testament to the boundless possibilities that arise from unwavering dedication and a positive mindset. Tune in to discover how Gaby is making the most of her Freshman year on a talented roster and the unwavering spirit that takes her to new heights!

The OpenLocker Podcast is pulling back the curtain to showcase the true essence of what it means to be a student-athlete in this evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities and collegiate athletics. Unlock Gaby Cornier’s story with us. Listen in as we reveal Gaby’s journey, ambitions, and experiences because it’s time to Open Gaby’s Locker!

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