Episode 5: Jay Brooks JourneytoExcellence with University of Florida Men’s Golf

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Join us for another episode of the OpenLocker Podcast.Hosts Yoni Rabinovich and Bryan Hart discuss Jay Brooks’ journey to excellence with the highly trophied University of Florida Men’s Golf Team. Join us as we dive into his path to perfecting his game in one of the hardest sports of the modern era.



Jay traces back on his journey from amateur golfing to securing a prestigious Nike sponsorship, unveiling pivotal moments in his development that sculpted him into the remarkable student-athlete he stands as today.

What’s Inside:
The Early Life of Jay Brooks
UF Athletics Culture
Leveling Up Your Craft & Rising To The Occasion
Sites Set On Next Season

We’re getting a behind-the-scenes view on what it means to be a student-athlete in this evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities and collegiate athletics.

Unlock Jay Brooks’ story with us. Listen in as we reveal Jay’s journey, ambitions, and experiences because it's time to Open Jay’s Locker!

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