BYHC Founders' Collection: Tyler Polley

Tyler Polley is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. This NFT is the first-ever, limited edition digital collectible of Tyler Polley on the Men's Basketball team 2021-2022 season. The first 25 digital collectibles will come with a metal wallet-sized Platinum Card (If eligible, you will receive a redemption and shipping form within 24 hours of purchase. Please note there is a 5 platinum card maximum, per customer). This unique physical collectible is hand-signed by Tyler with the digital art and a QR code which directs to the NFT page. A randomly generated Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC) avatar PFP will be issued to the NFT owner and grant access to the BYHC, an exclusive fan community. *Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of the physical collectible, if applicable. **Owner will be notified of airdrop date for BYHC PFP.