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BYHC Founders' Collection: Andre Jackson

Andre Jackson is a guard entering his junior year at the University of Connecticut. This NFT is the first-ever, limited edition digital collectible of Andre Jackson on the Men's Basketball team 2021-2022 season. The first 25 digital collectibles will come with a metal wallet-sized Platinum Card (If eligible, you will receive a redemption and shipping form within 24 hours of purchase. Please note there is a 5 platinum card maximum, per customer). This unique physical collectible is hand-signed by Andre with the digital art and a QR code which directs to the NFT page. A randomly generated Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC) avatar PFP will be issued to the NFT owner and grant access to the BYHC, an exclusive fan community. *Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of the physical collectible, if applicable. **Owner will be notified of airdrop date for BYHC PFP.

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What is the Bone Yard Huskyz Club?

The Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC) is an exclusive community for University of Connecticut sports fans.

All owners of a University of Connecticut athlete Series 1 NFT will receive a randomly generated and authenticated BYHC avatar with a unique combination of traits. Once claimed by a fan, the BYHC avatar token functions as a digital key for club membership and may be used as a social media profile pic (PFP). The BYHC NFTs will grant access to an exclusive Discord channel and other platforms to dialogue with current athletes, celebrity alumni and sports analysts. BYHC members will also receive invitations to VIP events, rewards and early access to future drops with additional athletes from other teams at the University of Connecticut.  

A complete roadmap is posted on the BYHC website: boneyardhuskyzclub.com and in the OpenLocker Discord channel.