Enter email address you use with the legacy viewer and a one-time passcode will be sent.

You can access the new ecosystem by clicking here.

1. Click on "+ Add Wallet"

• If you already have a Dapper Wallet, log in to your account.

• If not, create a new Dapper Wallet account.

2. Click Confirm to connect wallet

1. Click on "Show Wallet Setup Status"

2. A list of smart contracts will pop up. Click "Connect" next to name of smart contract."

3. Wait for smart contract to connect.

4. Repeat for remaining smart contracts.

5. Click "Close".

Copy Dapper Wallet Public Key(id number).

Optional: Select a username.

1. Log in to legacy viewer.

You can access the legacy viewer by clicking here.

2. Click on a digital collectible in your collection.
3. Click on "Connect Wallet".

4. Log in to your blocto wallet.

5. Click on "Transfer".

6. Paste Dapper Public Keyin Address field and click "Transfer".

1. Click "Confirm" to confirm the transfer to Dapper wallet address.

2. Wait for blockchain to process the transfer.

3. Click "Approve" to approve the transfer from blocto wallet.

4. Once transfer of collectible is complete, click "close".

You may now transfer additional collectibles from blocto to Dapper wallet.

Log in to new ecosystem by clicking here.

All your collectibles will now appear just where they belong!