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Delivery Information

Marketplace Purchases

You will receive a link in your order confirmation email to claim your NFT. A one-time password will also be sent so you may login and view your NFT. 
To own your NFT, you will need to claim it into a Blocto wallet.  From within the NFT viewer you can easily connect an existing Blocto wallet or create one.

Digital Rewards 

If you own an NFT or complete a challenge that meets eligibility requirements to receive a digital reward/bonus NFT or PFP, you will automatically receive an email with a link to claim your digital reward. 

Delivery of Physical Collectibles 

If you purchase a digital collectible which comes with a physical collectible, you will be prompted to provide a shipping address at checkout. 
Delivery is only available in the continental United States.
Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


If you purchase a 1-of-1 Legendary Series NFT which comes with an in-person experience with the athlete, you will receive an email from OpenLocker within 48 hours of purchase. Details of the experience will be arranged through an OpenLocker LockerRoom attendant in coordination with the athlete's availability and preferences. All travel expenses are your responsibility. OpenLocker reserves the right to change or substitute an experience at any time per User Agreement