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Join the BYHC Allow List & Get All The Latest Updates

The BYHC is an exclusive community dedicated to connecting University of Connecticut fans and student-athletes. Get on the list to stay in the know!

Collect, Support & Engage with Your Favorite Athletes

BYCH Members get exclusive access to autographed collectibles, real life experiences and dialogues with student-athletes plus rewards from local merchants and community partners. 

The BYHC Access Pass is your digital key to unlock membership privileges:

➤ Limited Edition, Autographed Platinum Cards

➤ Conversations with your favorite student-athletes

➤ Opportunities to receive free gear & more

➤ Rewards from local merchants and partner brands

➤ Earn digital rewards for even more perks

➤ Buy & Sell on the Trading Portal 

Only a limited number of access passes are available so claim yours before they’re all gone!

Join the Club And Get your platinum Card

1. Just click the button below to go to the BYHC Marketplace
2. Select your favorite athlete's Digital Access Pass + Platinum Card bundle
3. Add to Cart
4. Check out

5. Click the link in the confirmation email to claim your Digital Access Pass and randomly generated BYHC avatar PFP (included with purchase of a bundle) which grants access to exclusive fan community giveaways, rewards, virtual and real life experiences.

(Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Dapper wallet and claim)

Visit the Marketplace to view available Digital Access Pass + Platinum Card bundles.

Or snag a BYHC First Gen Avatar PFP for $29 to get access to exclusive fan community privileges.

The BYHC is a community that provides opportunities for athletes to increase their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) earning potential with innovative collectibles while offering UConn fans exclusive privileges and rewards.

The community launched in February 2022 with all 14 eligible members of the Men's basketball squad. Past experiences and rewards have incluced free food & drink, Big East tournament ticket giveaway and NCAA Tournament bracket contest.

BYHC Football dropped in November 2022 and MBB Series drops in January 2023.

Athletes receive a majority of the revenue from sales of their collectibles and receive compensation for appearances on the Connecticut Scoreboard Podcast, sponsored by BYHC.

A randomly generated BYHC avatar PFP (picture for proof) is included with purchase of each athlete's collectible.

The BYHC avatar PFP grants access to exclusive fan community giveaways, rewards, virtual and real life experiences.

Or snag a BYHC PFP by clicking here.

Your Digital Access Pass can be displayed (from your Dapper wallet or OpenLocker wallet viewer) or autographed Platinum Card to participating merchant.

Our technology team is working on developing a simple way to verify your access pass using your Apple or Google wallet. Just show code to the merchant to scan and get your reward!

BYHC has also teamed up with Moocho, the payment and rewards app to allow members to redeem food and drink rewards at popular national chains like Chipotle, Domino’s, Jersey Mike’s, and more. Members will receive redemption instructions when rewards are announced.

If the UConn Men’s basketball team wins the NCAA Championship Game on April 3, 2023, Openlocker Inc. will automatically credit each purchase from the

BYHC Basketball Season 2022-2023 Marketplace

of any BYHC collectible which was completed by or before March 16, 2023. 

The credit will be for the purchase price of each BYHC collectible and any associated sales tax, and will be credited to the credit, debit or digital payment method used to make the original purchase(s).  Please allow 4 weeks for processing.

Athletes will still receive keep the revenue from sales of their collectibles.


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