Rowdy Redz Basketball Collection Autographed Platinum Card: D'Auntray Pierce


D'Auntray Pierce (#21) is a center in his junior year at Radford University. He joins the Highlanders this year from Western Wyoming CC. This limited edition collectible of D'Auntray Pierce created for the 2022-2023 season serves as proof of membership in the Rowdy Redz.

This unique physical collectible is hand-signed by DaQuan with the digital art and a QR code which directs to the Rowdy Redz fan page. This physical collectible grants access to exclusive fan community events and local merchant perks. A Rowdy Redz cup is included with purchase and can be used to redeem free drink at Macado's in Radford day after 2022-2023 game win.

 *Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the physical collectible.