BYHC Football Legendary Collection: Nathan Carter


Nate Carter (#26) is a running back in his sophomore year at the University of Connecticut. This limited edition collectible of Nate Carter created for the 2022 season serves as proof of membership in the Bone Yard Huskyz Club.

The original owner of this Legendary series (1-of-1) digital collectible will get a customized personal experience with Nate. All experiences will be managed by the OpenLocker team and are pending the approval of the athlete. The NFT also comes with a metal wallet-sized Platinum Card. This unique physical collectible is hand-signed by Nate with the digital art and a QR code that directs to the Bone Yard Huskyz Club fan page. A Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC) avatar PFP in Nate's likeness is also included with the purchase of this Legendary NFT. Only two of these NFT PFPs will every be minted with the twin being issued to the athlete. This bonus digital collectible will grant access to the BYHC, an exclusive fan community.

*OpenLocker will contact the buyer within 48 hours of purchase to discuss arrangements for the experience. *Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the physical collectible.