Descrypto Holdings’ Subsidiary OpenLocker Announces Transition to Dapper Wallet and Upgrade to Its Fan-Friendly Web3 Platform Designed to Further Engage Fans and Athletes

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West Palm Beach, Florida, Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenLocker, Inc, a subsidiary of DesCrypto Holdings Inc., (“Descrypto” or the “Company” OTC: DSRO) is pleased to announce that it will roll out an enhanced Web3 environment that allows fans to access digital collectibles featuring their favorite athletes with a Dapper wallet. Fans who currently hold assets purchased on the OpenLocker platform will be able to transfer their collections to a Dapper wallet and seamlessly transition to the new ecosystem beginning September 16, 2022. OpenLocker utilizes the Flow blockchain to authenticate digital collectibles with efficient, secure and low-cost transactions. The Dapper wallet, developed by Dapper Labs, has become a trusted partner in blockchain development with millions of users benefiting from its integration with NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and other large-scale consumer offerings.

OpenLocker successfully launched the Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC), a next generation fan community that uses blockchain technology to connect University of Connecticut fans and student-athletes. Fans will receive a randomly generated BYHC avatar picture for proof (PFP) for each Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC) digital collectible purchased featuring the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) of a member of the 2021-2022 men's basketball team. Starting on September 16, 2022, fans will be able to claim their PFPs with a Dapper wallet upon logging into OpenLocker’s new Web3 environment. Each PFP features a male or female Huskyz avatar base layer combined with traits including a variety of different clothes and athletic gear, hairstyles and accessories. The PFP smart contract (the programmable code stored on the blockchain) enables it to function as a digital key for club membership and may be uploaded as a social media profile picture. Both Facebook and Instagram have begun blockchain integrations and are slated to fully support the Dapper Wallet in 2022. OpenLocker plans to include PFPs to enhance the fan experience of similar communities the company is launching at Pennsylvania State University, University of Florida and Radford University.

“We are excited to integrate our platform with the Dapper wallet and be able offer fans who have little or no experience with Web3 technology a seamless way to enjoy exclusive utility and rewards. Our primary goal is to empower athletes and fans with an easy onramp and simple process to engage more deeply.” said Brian Klatsky, President of OpenLocker.

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